Recipe demos are  the "raw-curious", as Pablo would say – or perhaps more raw-skeptic – as he talks through the health benefits of raw chocolate, it sounds almost too good to be true. Firstly an intro into where most chocolate comes from through to the added health benefits of dark chocolate. Using raw, minimally processed ingredients that allow you to experience all this healthful euphoria without any of the negative bodily impact you may encounter from factory processing, added fats and refined sugars. The recipes are quick, easy and very achievable with results that always "wow" the audience. 

The use of meditation with chocolate presents you with chocolate as your meditation object. Even those who have been meditating for years enjoy the experience of adding chocolate into this process. With the use of relaxation techniques, you get to eat your chocolate with a new found appreciation whilst relaxing.

Many studies have proven that meditation is a great way to promote calm and inner peace throughout the mind with the use of breathing techniques that are intended to keep you in the moment, rather than worrying about the stresses of the day. When you combine this with chocolate, it allows you to eat the chocolate in a way that is going to be calm and relaxing. Those who have experienced this often state that they have never really tasted chocolate properly before.